Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

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Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Dean Park as Geppetto


Pavilion Panto Cast

Hello there, all you wonderful real boys and girls, it’s your uncle Dean here. Oh sorry I mean Geppetto, I have lost my little wooden boy Pinocchio and I can’t find him anywhere, will you all help me to look for him.  I said will you help me............

He told me he was going on a new magical adventure to the best place in the whole wide world; can you guess where he is going?

I have looked everywhere, I have look in all the schools, all the circuses and I have even swam to the bottom of the Clyde, but there was something dead fishy about that place, but hey  I had a whale of a time.

I hope he wasn’t me telling lies, because everyone nose what happens when we tell lies.........

The only other place that I think he might have went is The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow!

Can you all do me a favour?  Can you pop into the Pavilion and see if he’s there?  If he is, will you buy a ticket and tell him to stay there until I get there?

I better hurry up or it will be Christmas before I nose it!

GeppettoHope to see you all at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow.