Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

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Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Pinocchio at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow


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Yes the show was great
Went to last show 19 th it was fantastic cant wait till next year
amanda mckeown
Was there at the panto last night, i was with a large group of adults with disabilites and there carers, everyone throughly enjoyed themselves, some of them including myself had sore sides from laughing. Thanks to all the cast for a great night, and we are all looking forward to next years panto
Eleanor Lynch
To Mr Ian Gordon, my sister in laws from Glasgow came to see Pinocchio on the 18th January. They said it was a fantastic show and Jimmy Cricket just hit it off. They absolutely loved it. They are Kim and Kaye Harold from knightswood, and wanted to say thank you for such a good show. They can't wait to come back to see jock 'n' roll on May 9th. And also thank you for putting Joe Longthorne on 13th June. xx
Debbie Cook
Just back from a fantastic night at the panto xx all the cast were fantastic
Helen Collins
We all had a great night on Thursday 16th Jan 2014. Tell Jiminy that LORNA is missing him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another great performance by all involved. Will see you all next year. xx
Evelyn Hill
My friends and I go every year to the panto and were there yesterday. Really enjoyed ourselves especially being in the front row. The only downside was I was finding it hard to grasp what was being said sometimes, I felt the cast were talking a bit too fast. But apart from that we all really enjoyed it and looking forward to this year's panto.
Carol Campbell
Seen the Panto on Saturday night, it was absolutely fantastic, the cast work so well together. The most hilarious bits are the inprimptu parts!! just as Jonny Mac says 'a enjoyed masel'. It's a fantastic night out, been going to the Pavilion Panto for about 7 years now and never been disappointed. Oh, n Stepen Purdon, you had toooooo much fun with that water pistol, lol. Thanks from the BOOM girls in the 2nd row!!!'
Susan Corrigan
This was by far my best panto i've been to. All parts were played well but hats off to Johnny Mac, Jiminy Cricket was hilarious, my 3 year old son was also impressed and i thought that there was a good balance of humour for all ages. if i wasn't so busy this week i'd go back in a heartbeat.
Scott Rowan
we all had a great time at the panto on 4/1/14 me and my 3 children and partner we come every year and its so fantastic every year and the cast what can i say look forward to see you all next year
Charlene Workman
we had a great time at the panto as allways we were enjoying ourselfs at pinocchio n we were buzzin lol were never dissapointed n have soooo much fun cant wait till the end of the year so we can go again
Had a brilliant time at the panto. Grandchildren loved it. Looking forward to next time
Trish Reilly
Was at the panto on 3 January 2014. Second year with same cast. Absolutely fantastic. Johnny Mac stole the show (again)!!! I certainly was "enjoying maself". Will be back next year. xxx
Giselle Mackenzie
I'd highly recommend going to see Pinnochio - there is something for everyone, from River City gags, to a One Direction song to Michelle McManus thinking she is on Pop Idol all over again! Jiminy Cricket is the shining light throughout and kept me and the whole family entertained, so much so that we are still shouting "Jiminy, your brolly, bzzzzz" to this day! I certainly enjoyed myself (as did Jiminy) and so will you.
Nicola McCluskie
had a fab day yesterday at panto my grandsons first time and he loved it xxx
Lynda Sweeney
Just back from the panto at The Pavilion. Just fantastic. Well done to all the cast for putting on a great Pinocchio. The kids loved it!!
The Rodgers Family
We had a great time at the panto this afternoon. Its always a good show + u can see all the hard work that goes into it. Well done everyone, see ye next year xx
Angela Cullen
An excellent afternoon of entertainment for all the family. The cast work so hard and did a tremendous job. Well done! David McGregor
David McGregor
Attended the pantomime for the 2nd year, friends from Norfolk went with us this year, what a great time we had, loads of laughs and interactivity fun, will be back possibly January, The Kelly's from Kilmarnock and the Burr's from Attleborough in Norfolk. Thank you all.
James Kelly
Took my little granddaughter Aimee to see Pinocchio today what a fantastic show. Aimee was in stitches she couldn't stop laughing when Pinocchio's nose started to grow. The cast were all great and Jiminy Cricket's jokes were really funny, what a show!
Liz Mcgleish
Had just the BEST time today at the panto. Well done one and all
Audrey Dickie
Had such a fantastic time, saw the show twice, once with my sons school and the other with a group of ladies, FANTASTIC, each and every one of you, not forgetting the people in the background who make it all happen, it was a pure pleasure to enjoy maself xx
Denise McGhee Wishart
I go every year with my daughter and she is now 23!! Had a fantastic time, costumes were great and all the cast done amazing, a also well done to Michelle being the blue fairy, she don't a great job, It was nice to laugh and forget my troubles...xx
Audrey aitken
hy to all at the pavillion we went to see the wizard that never was last year enjoyed it that much we came back this year for pinocchio we wear not dissapointed great show great specials effects everything about was brill no conplaints is there a dvd of the performance if so i would like to buy onewell done ian gordan & staff
william mcalpine
Best family entertainment in town. My grandchildren aged 5 9 and 12 all enjoyed it.
Jim McAllister
Was absolutely brilliant a was enjoying maself! Will be seeing these pantos every year guaranteed, Hilarious johnny mac and Stephen pardon made them! The costumes are amazing! Especially the blue fairies!
Stephanie Harley Quinn Morgan
Was at the panto today with 6 family members just wanted to say we had a fantastic family day out!! Panto was very funny we looooooved jiminey cricket lol brilliant set and cast well done to everyone who took part in the show, love the pavillion theater such a great atmosphere xx
Debbie smith
I was at the panto today absolutely loved it I am coming back on Sunday 12 January 2014 and next year.
Stephen blyth
What a wonderful show. Great set, wonderful music and not forgetting the talanted Actors and Dancers. A funny show from the start to finish. A must see show for any pantomime fan WELL DONE ALL INVOLVED. PS. Well done to all backstage crew, Sound, Make-up, Costume and everyone else involved in the production.
Andrew McVie
What a wonderful show. Great set and wonderful music. A must see show for any pantomime fan
Andrew David Mcvie
so looking forward to copming and seeing it this year as it was amazing last year and had a great laugh aswell xxx
Heidi Parker
we came to last year panto and it was great and the kids loved it my little girl stil talks about it and says " am enjoying maself" we will defo be back this year xxx
heidi parker
She luv at dawl Xxx
Adele Curley White
taking my wee girl on the 8th of December cant wait x
Sarah Houston
My little girls first panto last year and loved it. Cant wait for this year!! Shes still saying 'im enjoying myself' it was great for adults too :)
Laura. Falkirk
Pauline Young
We got tickets woo hoo
Mary Douglas
Mr.Brian Altman.
I am hoping to get tickets with my birthday money so that i can come and see it. i am hoping that johnny Mac is saying (I'm enjoin ma self)again this year, cause he said it a good few times last year and i could not stop laughing. He is so funny. this also was one of favorite Disney films. I was there last year and i Loved it. the poster and leaflet looks cracking can't wait to pick a copy of the leaflet. I am really looking forward to the songs If i do get tickets, See yous at Christmas.
Stephen Blyth
Last years show was the best yet- cant wait for this years. Tin man johnny you made our christmas - hilarious. The Asda nightshift girls x
Clare McGuire
Loved The Wizard Of Never Woz!! Can't wait to see Pinnochio!!
Love the panto's every year, and i'm sure Pinnochio won't disappoint. Keep up the fantastic work you all put into the panto's every year.
May Hobden
Love the story of Pinocchio I'm sure we will "enjoy ourselfs" this year :-)can't wait to see it. Johnny mac and Stephen made the panto last year! Bring on this years!!
Kelly Wilson

Comments for last year's panto:

Brought my kids 11 and 6 had a ball was hilarious lots of kids humour as well as some cheeky ones for the adults. Tears were blinding me great performance by all
vicky harkness
show was brilliant absolutely hilarious really enjoyed the evening would recommend it great cast great team 5 of us saw the performance and we all loved it
Great cast and great show we thoroughly enjoyed it
Irene Mackenzie
Went on Saturday 19th January fantastic laughed alot. The Tin Man was the star of the show his catchphrase "am enjoying maself" is still making me laugh as is antics of The Wicked Witch, Lion and Straw Man so so funny. thanks xx
Susan Moffat
Saw the show last night. STUPENDOUS!!!! I agree the tin man stole the show .One of the best pantos I've ever.. seen .Hope to be back for this year's production.
elizabeth strachan
Went to see this on 19 January (last day). Was absolutely brilliant. Tinny (the tin man) was by far the best. His catchphrase will stick with me for ever. We all loved it... Thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work. See you again this Christmas.
Giselle Mackenzie
What a show we are just back from it and a must say ave never laughed so much a had tears rolling down my face with the tin man the cast were fantastic we'll done
Sharron ruddy
What an excellent night of escapism, fabulous cast, especially Johnny Mac as the Tin Man, he was outstanding. Can't wait to find out what this years show will be!!... Hopefully the same cast will appear :)
me and my family went to the panto last night ! and it was the best i have ever seen , the tin man was hillarious (im enjoyin mysel !!) sheban was amazing as dorothy but all the cast were great michelle just added that wee bit of magic to it tho !! cant wait til next year
peter boyle
i went to this panto on tuesday night with my family and it was the best panto that ive been to yet. the tinman was hilarious and my 2 year old always says im enjoying mysel now which is so funny. the tinman the lion and the scarecrow definently made the show and i would definently go back again the best panto by far to date xx
tracy monaghan
Myself and three friends saw the matinee performance of the panto yesterday. We were in the front row and I've got to say that was the best panto we have all seen at the Pavillion. We were in stitches. The whole cast were brilliant. The music, singing and dancing was brill. Even made more funny when the Lion's head fell onto my sister's lap. Well done to everyone. Looking forward to the next panto. Carol, Margaret, Elizabeth and Janess xxx
Carol Campbell
Am enjoying myself
M Bolan
had a great time at the show yesterday afternoon. kept laughing everytime the tin man said im enjoying myself
Amanda Hannah
Iwatched the programme to and definitely agree, you should get funding.
May Hobden
Hilarious, funny, and brilliant. Love coming to the panto's in the Pavillion they're always brill. :-)
May Hobden
I was at the Wizard That Never Woz a few years ago in 2008 and it was a wizard of a show,but I haven't been to this one yet,I see this show has Michelle McManus in it as Good Witch Glinda. Maybe she will bring some more magic to the show? I'm really looking forward to seeing this Seasons Panto,oh yes I am !!!
Michael McNulty
i have been going to the panto for years at the pavillion and it was the best panto that i have seen yet it was even better than the lAST wizard of never was. i watched the tv show on the pavillion and realised the work that went into making of the shows well done everyone out front and backstage. you all deserve funding
margaret campbell
BEST PANTO EVER! Hilarious!!!!!! The Glasgow Pavilion always does us proud and this year they excelled above and beyond! The Tin Man and the Wicked Witch were on top form. I never stopped laughing from start to finish. Well done Pavilion. There's only one more thing to say - "Am enjoyin maself". Love it! X
Excellent to outstanding!
Lydia Dolan
It's been years since we've been at a panto. We were there on Saturday and were not disappointed. We had a great time with our two grandchildren, aged 2 and 5. Joyce Falconer, the Wicked Witch was just brilliant, and so were the Tin Man's jokes: What do the Chinese call a nappy? A sack-a-poopoo !!
Ellen Thomson
The panto at the pavillion always makes my year and this one is the best yet. Fantastic cast- everyone was absolutely amazing. I was blown away by Michelle's singing, the tin man-hilarious, dean park- a natural...I was so impressed. Keep up the good work!
Sorry David got your name wrong. Mr halford Keep up the good work
Jak moan
Fab show. Compliments to the music director David harford. The music was fantastic
Jak moan
I really want to go and see the wizord of never oz
best panto myself and my sister saw it last night, and it was great, the story, the acting was great it was funny as well. Can't wait until next time. Thank you
Tom Hamilton
best panto i have ever seen, laughed the whole way through it, all characters fab, tin man so funny and my 5 year old still saying his catchphrase, bob from river city fantastic, lion was hilarious and totally interacted with the audience,, dorothy gr8, glinda aka michelle mcmanus wot a voice and fab in panto, the wicked witch oh my how good was she, egor fab, dumb and dumber wot a pair I could go on and on it was the best entertainment i have seen in a long time, especially sticking to making it real to glasgow, if u get a chance don't miss it we just booked it and wer finding it hard to decide witch panto to choose and let my 5 year old choose by showing him photos of various pantos so glad he choose this and would go and see it again and again
katrina skivington
Myself and my family have been to the Pavillion Theatre pantomime for the past 11 years and will continue for as long as we can!!! There is nothing to beat the atmosphere, laughter and family fun anywhere else in Glasgow!!! From the moment the show starts you feel part of the whole show... part of the family! Nothing else will ever beat it!! Christmas in Glasgow and the Pavillion Pantomime go hand in hand!! x
liz bradley
went and seen the show on the 2nd jan 7.30pm performance ...... the show was ace loads of laughs start to finish the music and dance and the ad-lib jokes where cracking all the actors where spot on dean ,stephen , shabann , joyce michelle where magic but the star of the show was a guy called johnny mac a very funny actor kept the audience on there feet his catch line was brilliant there was 23 of us and each and every one of us loved this guy no disrespect to the others but what a laugh he was .... we enjoyed ourselfs 100% that good i felt we under payed for that show . will be definately booking up for next years show and god willing the same cast will be there to , a must see panto xxx thank you very much
johnpaul murray
Had a great night out with the grandchildren last night (2 January) and what a laugh we had. Travis 2 and a half was absolutely entranced by it all. We loved the everyone in the cast , even the wicked witch!!!! Great costumes, scenery and laughs. First we've been to a panto in years and had to choose Pavilion as we know we'll get a laugh with Dean Park - natural funny man!!!!! Here's to next year!!!!!!! Well done also to Michelle on her first panto - great voice. ''We all enjoyed ourselves, so we did!!'
Moira Ruth
Just saw the Wizard of never was.It was really funny.Michelle Mcmanus,Stephen Purdon,Dean Park,Johhny Mac,Shebann were a brilliant team.Special mention to Douglas as Toto. Great patter,music and loved the atmosphere.Heres to a great year for the Pavilion the theatre of Dreams.x
Charlie McGeachan
Had a family night out tonight Jan 2nd (22 of Us), to see The Wizard that never Woz, it was absolutely fantastic, the Characters, Costumes, and performances where fantastic, totally recommended anyone to go see it, Dean Park (Lion), Johnny Mac (Tin Man) & Stephen Purdon (Scarecrow) where so funny especially Johnny, great night thank you all xXx
Jacqueline Reilly
Went to see the show today as family of 4 children aged 4&3). We all loved the show great enteRtainment for all. Set was very well done along with the production. Joyce falconer (wicked witch - you were brilliant what a laugh!!)
David Wagstaff
Cummertrees Youth Club members had a great time at the panto today. It was hilarious. We all thoroughly 'enjoyed ourselves'!!. See you next year.
cummertrees youth club
So funny,,the tin man stole the show he is amazingly funny.We go to pavillion panto every year this year is one of the best.Money well spent.
Sharon Anderson
Best panto I think I've ever seen, laughed from start to finish, which is usual for me! Really recommend it! The cast were brilliant, the mistakes and falling about made it for me!
Karen simpson
Without a doubt the best cast and script at any panto I've ever been to. Laughed from start to finish and would def recommend for all age groups. Just great humour and a lot less inuendo's than I've heard in previous pantos.
The best panto Barr none amazing cast and the tin man stole the show am enjoyed maself.!!!!!!!!!! Pure class can't wait to come back
Sharon Morton
Pure dead brilliant tin man was fantastic
frank dailly
Just back from the panto with my husband and 2 children 5 and 3 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The tin man was fantastic. Will definitely be returning to the pavilion.
Johnny Mac is funny and his catch phrase will become very popular i went with a group and on the coach back every 1 was saying his catch phrase... AM ENJOYING MA SELF
Been twice already and cant wait to go back again! Johnny Mac is brilliant and im sure his catch phrase will be the saying of christmas. You munchkins are absolutely talented. Their tricks are wow! Well done Pavilion. Everything is great
Best panto yet!! Myself and my husband were actually crying with laughter, so funny!! Great night out! Maybe next year we will take the kids, ha!
Dawn McFarlane
Annual trip from over the border to see the Panto in Glasgow. Great show, nice to see Joyce Falconer back she is a fab wicked witch!
Brilliant ! the best panto I've seen in years. grandson was singing the song all the way home and the next day too, have to admit so were we along with the tin man's catch phrase. the whole cast are brilliant but special mention has to go to the wicked witch who was truly outstanding and Tin man who was a joy. "We enjoyed ourselves!!!!!!"
fiona kerr
Take our grandchildren every year and we all love it. But this year was def the best love love loved it. Great Joyce is back she is fab then again they are all fab cant wait for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christine calder
they put on a great show kid's loved it .tin man was brilliant .dancer's were great .would defo recomend to anybody
Absolutley loved the show and Johnny Mac was brill as Tinny will defo be back to see it again (I enjoyed maself)
Great show, Johnny was a real star as the tin man and he seemed to be enjoying himself! Joyce was a great baddy and great to hear Michelle's singing. Oh and the dancers were good, and the tricks, how did they do that? ..and the lighting and effects ...and the theatre is looking good!
Went to see panto last night on opening night. What can i say i wasnt diasapointed as allways. Havent laughed so much in a long time. Good for people off all ages i taken my 4 kids ranging from 4 till 10 and and every 1 enjoyed. The time man was the star off the show for us. Defo recomend to friends and family may even go back and see it my self.
Attended the opening night of The wizard of never woz panto. Absolute class, Johnny Mac is an absolute hoot as the tin man, I cried with laughter. If you haven't booked do so now, we had a great night and will be back again for next years. Keep up the good work.
Andy watson
dear pavillon theatre and all glaswegian panto fans. this is andrea from london. i will come to glasgow for the third year in a row this year for the pavillon christmas panto. i am originally from east berlin but we never had shows like this in the germany when i was a child. it's my 50th birthday this year in december and i try to catch up with childhood in glasgow. really looking forward to a haggis, nips and tatties in weatherspoons on george square, a nice house whisky to get into panto mood at my age and the wizzard of oz for desert. yummie
Tickets booked for the 10th year running in a row. Always the same date and time as I fell its the best show 24th dec 7:30pm. Oh yes it merry Christmas everyone xxx cxx
Catherine breton
Looking forward to the 7.30pm performance on Saturday December 22nd, there's 10 of us coming so some goodies for the weans please!
Clare Menary
going to book tickets with my cousins it will be brilliant
ellen mcandrew
My tickets were delivered this morning. so excited as are the grandchildren. Wonderful night to be had. x
Fiona White
sounds fab!